Friday, 27 December 2013

Wool insoles?

Should you stitch (make) your own wooly insoles. Unfortunately I recently found out that it really aint a good idea to make your own insoles after suffering from plantar fasciitis because I wore some unsupported wool insoles that I made myself. Wool can keep your feet warm however it is a real bad idea to just have them in your shoes like me.. Wool isn't firm enough and doesn't shape it self to your foot shape or absorb shock which insoles should do. Instead you should make thin pair of insoles out of wool but put them over the top of some really professionally made insoles though.. this will ensure that your feet stay warm but also more importantly you got arch support which you need to stop the onset of what I got plantar fasciitis.. trust me dont make the same mistake I did as plantar fasciitis isn't that nice and takes a few weeks to fully clear up aswell.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Something to make you taller this christmas!

 This is my first post on my new blog, and let me tell you all about something I am getting for Christmas shall I?
How exciting I just got delivered a pair of these insoles.. but that must sound quite boring to you and you just there wondering why I am getting so excited over a pair of insoles right? Right, well what if I told you these insoles are magic... well not literally magical but the next best thing as the posses the power to make you taller. Height increasing insoles is what I am getting for Christmas! May sound peculiar but when your my height you try anything to be a bit taller. I had to make sure that they will not damage my feet as my feet are quite sensitive but I have been assured by one of my friends who first told me about them and also wears them for their self that they are really comfortable and actually better for you feet than wearing flat un supportive insoles. I was sold when they told me you could become 3 inches taller with them I bought mine a week ago and they just arrived yesterday so I am so pleased, but I am not going to try them on until Christmas because tallness is a gift that I am giving myself this Christmas so in the new year I will be nice and tall! I really didn't know about them and I really had no idea my friends wasn't as tall as I though he was, he just one day told me how he was wearing these lifts to give him more height randomly... if he didn't I would still be non the wiser to this day. Well Now I can be just as tall as him... him being 3 inches more than he should at least now I even out the playing field. If you want to be tall like me check them out here. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas everyone.